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藤田 重信
Shigenobu Fujita

Type designer
Born in Fukuoka in 1957. Graduated from the Design Department, Chikuyo Gakuen Senior High School. Joined the Type Design Department of Shaken Co., Ltd, a company famous for its photocomposers. Since joining Fontworks in 1998, he has produced a variety of typefaces including the Tsukushi series. Received the Tokyo TDC Award for Tsukushi Old Mincho and Tsukushi Round Gothic in 2010. The Tsukushi series has become essential for book and graphic designers. His latest typeface family, Tsukushi Antique, breathes new life into traditional Mincho and Gothic typefaces, giving users a fresh new look and bolstering support for the entire Tsukushi line. He was featured in the NHK television program "Professional" in 2016, and his Fontworks UD fonts won the Silver Award in IAUD Awards 2016. Books include The Fascination of Glyph Design and Typefaces.

Key Fonts

Main Works

Tsukushi Mincho, Tsukushi Gothic, etc.


I would like entertain the LETS members with new Tsukushi typefaces every year.