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Jan.Fontworks International, Ltd. established.

Dec.Releases Postscript Japanese font Rodin-DB.


Aug.Fontworks Japan, Inc. established.


Aug.Fontworks Friendship inaugurated.

Dec.Releases the ATM font package Shinmojidensetsu.


Nov.Releases the mid-low resolution font package Miraimojikobo.Adds 718 Fontworks nonstandard characters (gaiji) to each Rodin, Matisse, Seurat, Cezanne, and Greco font, creating the “Plus” character set.


Apr.The number of Fontworks Friendship shops increases to 83.Reorganizes the product lineup and releases a specially-priced value pack.


Jul.Releases Fontworks ATM Font Classic Set 25, a special package to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of Rodin.


Feb.Releases the Fontworks Collection as CID formatted fonts (CD-ROM Volume 5.0).
Releases Fontworks GaijiMaster 1.0.

Jul.Switches to producing Fontworks Collection products in the OCF format on a made-to-order basis.

Dec.Drops support for older OCF products such as printer fonts with installers earlier than version 3.3 and Shinmojidensetsu version 1.
Terminates upgrade service from older OCF products to Plus fonts (version 4.5).


Mar.Discontinues production of the Fontworks Collection OCF font products.

Jul.Releases Fontworks CID Classic Set 26 for ATM/Mid-Low Resolution.

Oct.Releases Fontworks CID Additional Classic Font Pack including Seurat CID-L/UB and Klee CID-DB.

Nov.Releases Fontworks GaijiMaster NEO (GaijiMaster 1.0 is discontinued).


MayStarts accepting advance orders for Pre-LETS, part of comprehensive font environment support program LETS.

Jun.Releases a special package LETS Entry Pack CID for ATM, including exemption from LETS enrollment fee.
Starts shipping Pre-LETS (advance delivery of OpenType fonts to LETS members starts).

Sep.LETS officially goes into service.

Oct.Releases packaged OpenType font products (29 Classic Series fonts for Mac and Windows).
Fontworks Japan and IWATA Corporation announce an agreement to work closely to expand font sales and provide technical cooperation.


Jan.Terminates sale of fonts by FBF (Font By Phone) service.

Mar.Terminates sale of special discount OpenType font packages.

Oct.Macromedia, Inc. and Fontworks Japan agree to improve their cooperative stance to improve the convenience of Japanese font users.

Nov.Launches ASP Server LETS.

Dec.IWATA Corporation participates in the LETS business,
IWATA and Fontworks Japan agree to form business tie-up for the LETS business.


Feb.Launches Mac OS X Server LETS.

Mar.Launches Iwata LETS.
Terminates support for OCF font packages.

Nov.Releases MyJiKei glyph substitution tool.


Apr.Launches JIKJI LETS for Korean fonts.


MayReleases MyJiKei glyph substitution tool for Windows.


Mar.Terminates upgrade service from packaged OCF fonts to CID fonts.

Jul.Changes the corporate name to “Fontworks Inc.” from “Fontworks Japan, Inc.” and relocates to Kamikawabata-machi in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka from Tenjin in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.


Jan.Scaleform Corporation and Fontworks agree to cooperate in introducing vector graphic fonts to Japanese game developers.

Feb.Launches TypeBank LETS.

Mar.Discontinues manufacture and shipping of floppy disc versions of CID fonts.

Jun.Launches Housei LETS.

Aug.Releases LETS FontACE Lite, free font management tool, and makes it available for downloading.

Dec.TsukushiOldMincho and TsukushiMaruGothic win the “2010 Tokyo Type Directors Club Award” (TDC award).


Feb.Launches Hakusyu LETS.

Mar.Discontinues manufacture and shipping of the GaijiMaster NEO gaiji creation tool package.


Jul.Terminates sale of the LETS Entry Pack CID for ATM.

Aug.Terminates the sale and service of TypeBank LETS and JIKJI LETS.

Dec.Starts "LETS Licensed Member Certificate Issuing Service".


Jun.Forms a capital tie-up with SoftBank Technology Corp.


Jan.New LETS Service Launched as "LETS AS ONE" with new installation kit.
Launches "LETS for Students" academic service.

Mar.Launches "FONTPLUS for LETS PUTK" web font service.


Dec.MOTOYA CO., LTD. participates in the LETS business, MOTOYA and Fontworks agree to form business tie-up for the LETS business.


Jun.Shinichi Ata appointed president and CEO.

Dec.Fontworks UD fonts win the Silver Award in IAUD Awards 2016.


Apr.Ai Harada appointed president and CEO.

Apr.Licensed to distribute the Shueitai font family by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP).

Jul. Offers 17 DNP Shueitai fonts through LETS.

Oct. Tsukushi font family wins the Good Design Award 2017.

Dec. Tsukushi typefaces win the Type Design Prize of Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2018.

Note: The number of fonts shown on this page includes JIS2004-savvy fonts (N fonts).