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About Our Logos


New Corporate Logo

Inheriting the motif of the Fontworks “F”, this red logotype is packed with power and passion. Its powerful and stable form has been trimmed to ultimate simplicity, expressing the philosophy and goals of our people. The organic profile of the top represents our flexible attitude, and the upturned corner our determination to work on the leading edge of technology and the industry.

New LETS Logo

The main logotype, designed after the initial “L” of LETS, springs powerfully upward, driven by our zeal to develop and offer better solutions. The changing color shows our continuing evolution and development, with the four key colors of red, yellow, green, and blue representing our extensive, diverse lineup.

Behind the New Logos

Fontworks was established under a corporate philosophy of creating new culture through characters, and we have consistently worked toward that goal over the years: we were one of the first to support PostScript in the dawn of Japanese-language DTP, and the first to offer the annual LETS font subscription service that has become the industry standard today.

As a pioneer of a future where society organically integrates manufacturing into information technology, we will continue to impart new value to communication, linking people to people, people to things, and now things to other things.

Our new logotypes symbolize our approach: a dynamic identity combining advanced technology and design with flexibility.