Iwata LETS


This annual font subscription service provides high-quality fonts from the Iwata Collection of IWATA CORPORATION, through the LETS system.
You can use the Iwata Collection from IWATA CORPORATION font library, freely and securely. The company has a long track record of success through font development since the hot metal era, and offers a variety of fonts for books and universal design (UD).

* The Iwata Collection covers the majority of the font lineup from IWATA CORPORATION, with a few exceptions such as U-PRESS.

LETS Service Concept

Diverse Font Lineup!

Each LETS lineup has a wide variety of fonts and faces, from standard to design.


All-You-Can-Eat Subscription Plan

You can use all currently available fonts, and all fonts released in the future during your subscription term, at the same price.


Secure Licensing

As there are more opportunities to deploy your content multilaterally, boosting the utility of commercial fonts in many business fields, we explicitly define our font licensing strategy.


Fonts on Tap

The fonts you need are available immediately. You can sign up for a LETS subscription online.


Additional options for additional choices

The optional Game LETS Extended License is also available.


Available Fonts

188 Japanese Typefaces 240 OpenType fonts
150 TrueType fonts


■ One License for One Platform on One Computer

If you want to use our fonts on virtualized platforms using BootCamp on Mac OS, or VMWare, you will need one
license for each operating system (e.g. one for Mac OS and one for Windows on BootCamp).

■ The subscription fee depends on your contract length.

■ You can select a 3-year (yearly/lump-sum payment) or a 1-year subscription.

3-Year Course

Initial fee 30,000 yen (excluding tax) per office (first time only)
Annual subscription fee 24,000 yen (excluding tax)/platform/year
* You may also choose to pay 72,000 yen (excluding tax) for 3 years in one lump sum.

1-Year Course

Initial fee 30,000 yen (excluding tax) per office (first time only)
Annual subscription fee 36,000 yen (excluding tax)/platform/year

Additional platforms

3-Year Course 2,000 yen (excluding tax)/platform/month
1-Year Course 3,000 yen (excluding tax)/platform/month

If you are already subscribed to Iwata, Motoya, or Monotype LETS, the initial fee is waived.
The initial fee is 30,000 yen (excluding tax) for one office regardless of the number of platforms licensed.
Please note that the 3-year course requires that you keep using the fonts for a 3-year period. If you terminate the subscription before your expiration date, it will be treated as the 1-year course, and we will invoice you for the difference.


Game LETS Extended License

This allows you to integrate our fonts into games or to use them in chat services.
Under the LETS license you can only use the font characters as images in games, but this license allows you to integrate font files and character outlines. Players will be able to enter characters for in-game chats or player profiles, which have been outside the license scope.

Extended license scope

  • Character input by game players
  • Font outline data utilization
  • Font file integration into applications (full character set or subset)
  • Font embedding into Adobe Flash files
Font Usage LETS license
Extended license

Convert entered characters into images and use in static strings
(e.g. in button images) in applications or games

Use fonts in areas where game players can enter characters NA OK
Use outline information extracted from fonts NA  OK
Use font files themselves in game applications (full set/subset) NA  OK
Embed characters in [Static Text] or [Input Text] property in Flash games OK OK
Integrate fonts in [Dynamic Text] property as subset font in Flash games NA  OK
Use fonts as being utilized by OS NA NA
Use fonts in application development in Japan, and sell applications abroad OK OK
Use fonts for game development overseas NA  NA

Production within the license scope

Game software in general (including console, smartphone, computer and other games)

Usage outside the license scope

  • Integrating fonts into hardware
  • Using fonts on servers
  • Integrating fonts into operating systems
  • Integrating the fonts in electronic book viewers, video viewers (with or without commenting functions), graphic software, spreadsheets, word processors, web browsers, graphic or video editors, or audio (lyric) editors
Please contact us to use fonts in middleware such as Unity.
Integrating fonts into hardware for use as system fonts will require additional fees. Please contact us for more details.
Products developed using LETS fonts may be sold abroad, as long as the development is done in Japan. (The license does not include the right to use font files outside Japan.)

Service Details

Targets Game creators and digital content publishers
Usage General game software
Game contents within the license console, computer, social, and arcade games and more
Licensed Period In accordance with your LETS subscription period
Available Fonts Same as your LETS subscription


Increased convenience as the licensed period is the same as your LETS subscription.
We do not require application for individual game titles, and there is no per-game fee.
The Game LETS Extended License is available with two fee structures, depending on the number of platforms licensed under your LETS subscription.


10 or fewer platforms 100,000 yen (+ consumption tax)
More than 10 platforms Number of platforms x 10,000 yen (+consumption tax)