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Web Fonts


We provide our Japanese and UD fonts as well as Hakusyu brush-style fonts via the "FONTPLUS" web font service.

You can use these fonts as web fonts under the FONTPLUS contract.
Please refer to the 「FONTPLUS」 website for details.

※FONTPLUS is a web font service managed by SoftBank Technology Corp.

What is a Web font?

If a font is specified on a website but not installed on the viewing device, it will be displayed using a local font rather than the specified design font.

With Web fonts it is possible to ensure that views are displayed exactly as intended by the designer on any device, as font files from the Web server are used regardless of the viewer environment.

Using letters as images is a common way to represent your design but Web fonts offer a wealth of advantages: characters can be copied and pasted on any device, they facilitate responsive web design, and they improve SEO effectiveness.