Conveying Thoughts and Emotions

Contributing to society and creating a new culture of characters, through the characters that let us communicate heart-to-heart

This is corporate philosophy that forms the basis of Fontworks.
No matter how the times are changing, this spirit will never change.
We also have the following seven principles:

  • Set standards of behavior based on good faith.
  • Give customer satisfaction first priority.
  • Sell high-quality products with confidence.
  • Create a workplace environment where company workers can work free from anxiety, and achieve personal growth.
  • Remain a creative company that can address a variety of issues swiftly and flexibly.
  • Be a leading-edge corporation developing new markets.
  • Remain aware of environment issues and take action accordingly.

Based on the above, Fontworks supports the culture-creation industry with creativity and humanity. Since our inception, we have been worked continuously to create new culture through Japanese typefaces. Our business field is anywhere culture exists, but culture and our fonts depend on human creativity and energy. Design, sales and marketing, management, maintenance, support: they are all vital parts of our work, but employees tackle and solve problems cooperately, not as mere cogs in the machine. We are determined to hold true to the these principles in the future as well.
Our vision is always positive.