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Fontworks provides you with the following services and products.

Subscription Services

Annual Font Subscription Service LETS

You are licensed to use our fonts on an annual subscription basis.
We offer a LETS lineup from different foundries including the main Fontworks LETS, Monotype LETS, Iwata LETS, Motoya LETS, and Housei LETS (optional for the main Fontworks LETS).

Diverse Font Lineup!

Each LETS lineup has a wide variety of fonts and faces, from standard to design.

All-You-Can-Eat Subscription Plan

You can use all currently available fonts, and all fonts released in the future during your subscription term, at the same price.

Secure Licensing

As there are more opportunities to deploy your content multilaterally, boosting the utility of commercial fonts in many business fields, we explicitly define our font licensing strategy.

Fonts on Tap

The fonts you need are available immediately. You can sign up for a LETS subscription online.

Additional options for additional choices

We also offer options such as the Application/Game LETS Extended License, or our GlyfPick tool.


This annual font subscription service provides a wide variety of high-quality fonts.
Available fonts include Japanese, Latin, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic and Hindi fonts, in the Fontworks Collection, the Hakusyu Collection, and the Latin Font Collection.


Monotype LETS

This annual font subscription service brings you an outstanding selection of Latin fonts from the Monotype Imaging Inc. font library.
You can use more than 9000 Latin and other fonts including such world-famous designs as Helvetica®, Frutiger®, and Optima®, as well as the exciting new Tazugane® Gothic Japanese typeface, freely and securely.

Showashotai LETS

This annual font subscription service brings you a variety of brush and script types including Kaisho and Gyosho styles from the Showashotai Co.,Ltd. font library.
You can use the Showashotai’s high quality and widely famous brush style fonts freely and securely.

Iwata LETS

This annual font subscription service includes popular, high-quality fonts in the Iwata Collection from IWATA CORPORATION.
You can use the Iwata Collection from IWATA CORPORATION font library, freely and securely. The company has a long track record of success through font development since the hot metal era, and offers a variety of fonts for books and universal design (UD).

Motoya LETS

This annual font subscription service offers the diverse fonts of the Motoya Collection from MOTOYA CO., LTD., which has been designing fine typefaces for more than 60 years.
The Motoya Collection from MOTOYA CO., LTD. font library includes selection of highly legible and beautiful typefaces, and you can use them freely and securely.

Housei LETS

Includes TrueType fonts for both Mac OS and Windows that meet the national standards of China (GuoJia-BiaoZhu), GB2312, and GBK. The Housei LETS is subscribed separately as a LETS option.

Selective Font Service, mojimo

Under our concept of "good font, good price", this business model makes it possible to supply the best fonts for specific purposes at the best price. This is also available on an annual subscription basis.



The official typefaces used in favorite comics or animation!
36 carefully selected fonts from our lineup, varying from standard Mincho and Gothic to unique styles, are available for download under subscription.
Some are the official fonts used in popular animated TV programs, and others are commonly used in animation and comics.