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Fontworks, Inc. (the “Company”, or “we”), with its corporate philosophy to “become a leader in creating a new culture through characters” and through fonts, has been working towards closing the gap between people, people and information, and people and their work all over the world.

As a member of the SoftBank Group, which aims to contribute to mankind and society through the information revolution, we continue to create a new value for communication as the leader in this rapidly evolving society where manufacturing and IT merge, and people and products become more interconnected.

Recognizing the importance of personal data protection and information security management to ensure the safety of our customers who use our services and solutions created from new technological innovations, we have established and maintained, and will continue to maintain the following personal information protection policy.

1.Appropriate Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

When we process personal information in the performance of our services, we will specify the purpose of its use in advance, and acquire, use, and provide such information only to the extent necessary for such stated purpose.

We provide the following services:

Font Service

◆ Licensed Products

  • Annual Fonts Subscription Service “LETS”
    This service provides our fonts on an annual subscription basis to customers.
  • Select Fonts Service “Mojimo”
    This service provides our selected fonts for a specific use on an annual subscription basis to customers.

◆ Development of OEM Fonts

  • Development of Original Fonts
    We customize fonts according to the customer’s requirements, and create and provide corporate fonts.

◆ Packaged and Downloaded Products

  • Fontworks Open Type Fonts
    A single package for both Mac and Windows versions, including the most used 29 classic types of fonts
  • Evangelion Official Font Matisse EB True Type version
    The font used in the Japanese animation “Evangelion” on the TV series and in the new movie version.

◆ Fontworks Embedded Solutions

  • Fontworks Embedded Types
    A font product for embedded devices
  • Fontworks Embedded Systems
    A photo engine for screen display or printing for various embedded devices

◆ Other Embedded Products

  • Glyphic
    A tool to create new subset fonts by collecting only the necessary type of character for an interface/menu display
  • Emoji Fonts
    A font product that expresses various pictures of objects and things as characters
  • ASP Server License
    We provide high-quality fonts to customers by embedding the fonts in a document which is dynamically created at the server-side.

2.Compliance of Laws and Regulations

We will comply with the laws and regulations on the protection of personal information of Japan and such other related legislation and policy.

3.Acquisition of Personal Information

The purposes for acquisition of personal information are as follows:

(1) respond to customer inquiries, requests for price quotations, and such other inquiries;

(2) register customers who purchase our products and products handled by us;

(3) introduce new fonts and services;

(4) accept orders for our products and products handled by us;

(5) deliver our products and products handled by us;

(6) enroll members to our membership service and provide continuous service to members;

(7) conduct customer’s surveys regarding our services; and

(8) analyze the usage trend and other related information regarding our services

4.Measures to Prevent and Correct the Leakage, Loss, or Damage of Personal Information

(1) To delineate the responsibility for protecting personal information, we appoint managers who are in charge of information management system, audit supervision, education, complaints, and inquiries regarding personal information protection. In addition, a company-wide organization, centered on personal information protection managers, will be organized to implement measures and initiatives related to personal information protection.

(2) To manage the safety of personal information, we will clearly stipulate rules and procedures and prepare internal rules.

(3) We implement security management measures necessary for personal information protection, such as physical security, management of user identification and access restrictions, monitoring work situation and system logs, and taking measures against system failures including backup.

(4) We regularly conduct education and training to all employees to ensure that they fully understand the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, raising awareness of the importance of information security.

(5) We regularly confirm that our information management system operates effectively by self-checking and internal audit by the audit supervisor. If any noncompliance is found, we will analyze the cause and take appropriate measures. We will also take such steps necessary to prevent any future problems.

5.Proper Storage of Personal Information

We will be responsible for proper storage of personal information by implementing security measures to prevent loss, damage, leak, and unauthorized access to or alteration of personal information. However, because these measures cannot guarantee that security is complete, we do not guarantee the prevention of information leakage, loss, unauthorized access or alteration.

6.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We may provide and share the personal information of customers to the company’s wholesalers, subcontractors, and business partners. In case where we provide and share personal information to those companies, we will be responsible for the proper management of such information by executing the agreements with those companies. Except for those companies, we will not provide personal information to a third party unless any of the following circumstances occur:

(1) When we are required to disclose personal information by law and regulations;

(2) When we need to implement the necessary measures to prevent serious damage to the life, health, and property of customers;

(3) When we obtain the prior consent of a customer;

(4) When we disclose to those companies after executing a non-disclosure agreement regarding personal information;

(5) When we decide that it is appropriate for those companies to directly respond to inquiries from customers.

7.Request for Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuation of Use or other Treatment of Personal Information

We respect the rights of customers regarding his or her personal information. The customer may contact our customer support center below and request disclosure, correction, deletion, discontinuation of use, erasure or discontinuation of provision to third parties of relevant personal information, and we will promptly respond to the request. Nevertheless, we may not be able to respond by the date the customer requires.

Customer Support Center: 0120-780-241
Inquiry Form: https://fontworks.co.jp/en/contact/

8.Credit Card Information

We entrust credit card payment services to SB Payment Service Corp. (“SoftBank Payment Service”). The credit card information provided by a customer when the customer pays the fee for services will be sent directly to the SoftBank Payment Service, and we will not store any credit card information of customers.

9.Access Log

Our website collects access logs using cookies to improve the accessibility of the homepage, usage trends and advertisements to our customers. The access log collects information such as IP address, web browser type, and domain name, however, we will not use and correlate these information to personal information that we collect (unless unauthorized access is made).

10.Modification of this Personal Information Protection Policy

(1) This Privacy Policy will be reviewed and updated as may be necessary from time to time in compliance with any change of laws and regulations, the information management system, and other circumstances regarding protection of personal information in the Company.

(2) We may modify this Privacy Policy as may be necessary without any prior notice.

(3) Any modification on this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website.